PRIME FOODS - Not good quality or flavor

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I purchased the beef only package... Promised it was 100%guaranteed So I wasn't satisfied by any means Guy came out to replace all the meat that I didn't eat with another shipment Nope not the shipment problem this stuff is jus down right not good I didn't want to replace the meat I wanted my money back Well not gonna happen they will continue to change your meat and if you want the *** you ate replaced or whatever 100% guarantee means Make sure to save it cus they will replace your *** meat for more *** meat..

Disorganized management Not a customer service type of place.. And definitely not 100% guarantee on anything Lessson learned !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Roast Beef.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Pacific Prime Foods

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This company is the biggest scam. A black guy and a white guy came in and knock my door and asked if I want to buy grass fed no hormone meat.

I looked at their packaging which was really nice and they gave me allegedly a good deal $300 for two boxes of meat. We tried the shrimp for the evening. They were ok. The next morning man, I got so sick.

I kid you not I couldn't drive a mile without going to the bathroom. After three days , I am still feeling sick. I called e company and complain. The manager said he will take the product and refund.

The next day he sent a black guy and a white guy to my house and casting at my wife and baby sitter and throwing the meat package on the floor. I am in the process of filing complaints with the city and everywhere I can against these crooks not only for selling expired mislabeled products but for insulting my family at my own house.

So this was my experience with these crooks. Oh yeah not sure if I will get my refund or not.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $270.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Made me sick.

PRIME FOODS in Las Vegas, Nevada - A Scam

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Prime Foods of Las veags, NV is a ripp off. We agreed to have someone come talk and whaen they did everything sounded great.

We asked about the cancelation policy and was told we may cancel at any time with no penalty. Well we signed up and received our first shipment. We didnt liked the food at all when we called to cancel we were told that we would have to do a buy out on the contract. A total of $1500 plus what we have received already.

We fought for months on this fianlly we just stopped paying and we reported them to the BBB and that did nothing. After about 8 months of no payment they contacted us and told us that for none payment they were going to start garnishing my husbands wages well my husbadns called them and fianlly came to an agreement. they asked us to just pay for what we received and they would call it even. So we did and they gave us a letter for proof.

But I would not recommend any one dsigin up for this the monthly payment for the food is outrages ranges from 250-450 and once you sign the contract you are stuck getting the food and paying for it even if you cant afford it or dont care for the food. We got out because the gentlement that came out fianlly admitted that he told us we could cancel at any time without penalty. We got lucky. Others havent been.

Just stay way if it sounds to got to be true then it is.


Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, United States #603264
We signed up for this service 7 years ago! They told us upfront that we had 72 hours to cancel.

They were upfront and honest. We loved their meat and would order extra for military functions and parties. I am now back in las Vegas and cannot wait to sign up again!!!!

As a restautant manager I know the quality and prices are wonderful! :grin

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